[Proj] ITRF to GDA94 transformation problems - bug in 7 parameters?

Mikhail Tchernychev misha at mail.geometrics.com
Thu Aug 25 16:02:20 EST 2011

   Hello everyone,

I am trying to re-produce transformation described in this document:


appendix B, and I am getting errors about 0.11 m

  the same
numbers as in the article.

This is what I get if I use lat / lon -> lat/lon

cs2cs +from -w4  +proj=latlong +datum=WGS84 +to 
+towgs84=-0.054100,-0.019100,0.009600,0.010833,0.010703,0.011403,0.006859 +proj=latlong 
133d53'7.8574"E  23d40'12.4314"S 603.287

Computed and Correct results:
133d53'7.8454"E    23d40'12.4468"S   603.261
133d53'7.8478"E    23d40'12.4461"S   603.350

I also tried to convert directly geocentric coordinates listed in the 
article. This is what I got:

cs2cs -f "%.3lf" +from  -w4 +proj=geocent +datum=WGS84 +to 
+proj=geocent <<EOF
-4052052.048 4212836.105 -2545105.587

computed and correct result
-4052051.655    4212836.186   -2545106.011
-4052051.765    4212836.205   -2545106.027

I attached script with cs2cs calls, which exhibits the problem.

Help is greatly appreciated,

Thank you

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