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Roger Oberholtzer roger at opq.se
Thu Dec 8 06:37:11 EST 2011

I have a system that starts with WGS84 lat/long, projects them so as to
obtain northings/eastings, does some fiddling with the locations, and
then converts them back in to WGS84 lat/long. The conversion from/to
lat/long is done by proj. The fiddling with the northings/eastings is
done based on some INS that provides relative movement information in
meters. Only the WGS84 lat/longs are kept.

Currently, I use a projection for the local region. The thought was that
this would best 'match' the INS movements, which are of course always
local. I would like to generalize this solution by perhaps not using a
local projection. Instead use a generic projection everywhere. It seems
reasonable to do this as (1) the projection will not be kept, and (2)
the movements applied to the projections are relative.

My question is; is there a 'best' projection to use for such a

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