[Proj] pj_init_plus allocation question

Mikhail Tchernychev misha at mail.geometrics.com
Mon Feb 28 17:29:10 EST 2011

I am sorry, this is my fault. Thank you for explanation.


On 11-02-28 04:26 PM, Mikhail Tchernychev wrote:

> >      Hello List,
> >
> >  It's just appeared to me that pj_allocation_plus does not allocate new
> >  memory each time it is called. Depending on the projection parameters,
> >  it returns already
> >  allocated structure from the previous call.
> >
> >  It means that there should not be matching pj_free call for each
> >  pj_init_plus.
> >
> >  Is it correct?
> >
> >  What is if two +proj=latlong projections with different parameters are
> >  used in the program?
> >  Would proj_init_plus return the same pointer for both of them?
> >
> >  Shall I keep track of all pj_free_calls myself (and possibly reference
> >  count) to clean up?
> >
> >  Unfortunately I could not search proj mail list - it appeared there is
> >  no option to search.

The proj list would be a better place for this question.

pj_init_plus() will allocate a new PJ object and there should
be a corresponding pj_free() call for each successful call to

I am not sure what lead you to a different conclusion.

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