[Proj] Little geod problem

Mikhail Tchernychev misha at mail.geometrics.com
Thu Jan 20 14:21:46 EST 2011

  Hello list,

I came across a small inconsistency in the geod program. What I use is:

geod +ellps=WGS84  -I -f "%.3lf" data_file

With data file:

-12.4989444 130.88649687 -12.4989444 130.8864967

What I got is:

-1.#IO  -1.#IO  -1.#IO

These two points are very close to each other however are not identical. 
I would
not be surprised if geod would return 0 0 0. If fact this is what it 
does if points
are simply identical.  I would suggest to round result to 0, even if it 
is not but say
smaller than some reasonable number (0.01 m?)

  I hope this would help to improve great proj software even more.

Thank you,


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