[Proj] Proj Digest, Vol 80, Issue 5

R. Jay Flaming jflaming at uw.edu
Wed Jan 12 18:06:27 EST 2011

I think maybe I'm missing something more basic.  I tried running it in
a 32 bit machine, but I'm still getting fails on the first entry.  For
example, if I load this data into a file (JunkDataUTM):
553749.32 5255410.43
552739.32 5255400.43
552749.52 5255410.63

And then run:
c:\proj\bin>C:/proj/bin/cs2cs.exe +proj=utm +zone=10 +datum=NAD27 +to
+proj=latlong +datum=NAD83 c:/proj/bin/JunkDataUTM

This is the output:

*       * 0.000
47d27'14.454"E  42d12'42.477"N 0.000
47d27'14.784"E  42d12'42.7"N 0.000

No matter what I put in my first entry (whether from a file or by
stdin), I get the
 *       * 0.000 result.

Other weirdness... if I try the examples from the man page
and enter this command:
c:\proj\bin>cs2cs +proj=latlong +datum=NAD83 +to +proj=utm +zone=10
+datum=NAD27 -r

and then first try:
45d15'33.1" 111.5W

this is the result:
*       * 0.000

if I repeat the same numbers on a second try:
45d15'33.1" 111.5W

the second time I get this result:
53329298.26     0.00 0.000


On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 9:00 AM,  <proj-request at lists.maptools.org> wrote:
> I'm going to guess that your binary NAD files (conus, etc.) do not match your architecture.  If your Proj.4 binaries are 64-bit, you need 64-bit NAD files.  Likewise, if you have 32-bit binaries, you need 32-bit NAD files.  You can confirm that is the problem by using cs2cs with +towgs84 parameters instead of +nadgrids.

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