[Proj] Müffling

Irwin Scollar al001 at uni-koeln.de
Thu Jun 30 04:08:04 EST 2011

An interesting historical link to Müffling and 
Tranchot which has biographies of both men and 
some details on their work which I have not seen elsewhere is:


A link to the work of Müffling and the early 
Prussian map projection with a brief description of it's history is:


It's application in the Rhineland is:


Scans of the original maps can be found at the 
GeoPortal of North-Rhine Westphalia:


under the topic Historische Karten-Tranchot 1801-1828

While searching, I also learned from the Polish 
historical military mapping site:


that early Imperial Russian maps used the Müffling polyhedric projection:


Please post additional links related to the theme of Müffling's work.

Irwin Scollar

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