[Proj] apply plane rotation after transverse Mercator projection

Garret Duffy garret.duffy at nuigalway.ie
Thu Oct 13 04:09:23 EST 2011

Yes, I've tried the omerc projection with +rot_conv and +no_uoff but the
issue is the alpha azimuth parameter is actually the angle of the rotated
cylinder about the ellipsoid (I think the limits are +/- 90?  Can anyone
confirm??) and this angle bears little or no relation to the azimuth of the
projected y-axis relative to true north.  I tried making a bunch of
projections with different alpha angles and +rot_conv and +no_uoff but is
was very hard to precisely control the rotation of the linear features I was
interested in measuring.

I think this thread involving Mikael and Frank discusses it well


It appears that the gamma parameter should actuate an XY_PLANE_ROTATION...

So this leads to two question and one request:

Q1) does omerc take the gamma parameter now? I am running v. 4.5

Q2) what are the limits of alpha?

R3) Would it be possible to design a new CRS similar to tmerc but taking a
gamma parameter?

Thanks everyone for your advice.

"Mikael Rittri" <Mikael.Rittri at carmenta.com> wrote in message
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The Rosenmund projection is called +proj=somerc (Swiss Oblique Mercator),
but I don't see why that should be better than the RSO (+proj=omerc) for
this purpose.

I don't think there is any built-in support in Proj.4 to do an arbitrary
rotation of the projected plane.
However, if you just need to rotate 90, 180 or 270 degrees, then you could
perhaps use the +axis parameter.

Best regards,

Mikael Rittri

Den 12 okt 2011 kl. 15:53 skrev "Clifford J Mugnier" <cjmce at lsu.edu>:

I don't know if PROJ4 has it, but the Rosenmund projection as used in
Switzerland sounds like what you want.

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Subject: [Proj] apply plane rotation after transverse Mercator projection

I would like to design a projection that is similar to a TM projection
except append the parameter "XY_Plane_Rotation", i.e. rotate the XY axes.
Is this possible to do in PROJ4?  I note the tmerc doesn't have an alpha
parameter or similar.  I already tried using RSO but it's overkill for what
I want to do, all I want to do is apply a simple cartesian rotation to the
projected XY axes.
Another thing I tried was editing a PRJ file for a TM projected data and
then appending "PARAMETER["XY_Plane_Rotation",XX]" to the file but that
doesn't seem to work.
Do I have to define a custom PROJCS that is based on tmerc but allows for
the XY_Plane_Rotation parameter?
Any suggestions gratefully would be (very) gratefully received as I have
been trying to do this supposedly simple thing all week.
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