[Proj] PROJ 4.8.0, projects.h and projPJ struct

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Wed Apr 11 06:31:22 EST 2012

El día 11 de abril de 2012 13:08, Sisyphus <sisyphus1 at optusnet.com.au> escribió:
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> From: "José Luis García Pallero"
>> #include<proj_api.h>
>> #if PJ_VERSION<480
>> #include<projects.h>
>> #endif
> I think that if PJ_VERSION < 480, then projects.h needs to be included
> *before* proj_api.h.

But the problem is that PJ_VERSION is defined in proj_api.h, so it
should be included first.

> And if PJ_VERSION == 480 then you need to *not* include projects.h at all.
> Am I right ? If so, then I believe you have what is commonly referred to as
> a "gotcha" (because it's impossible to cater for both requirements).
> I think your problem is probably that, in the eyes of the proj developers,
> you've accessed parts of projects.h that you shouldn't have - or at least,
> you've accessed parts that they didn't expect you would.

Mmmm... I'm not so sure of it. I think that check the field 'inv' of
projPJ struct (that is the source of the error) is a common behavior
in order to know if a projection implements the inverse step.

> But I'll leave the detailed explanation to those more qualified.
> Cheers,
> Rob
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