[Proj] proj4 string for perfect sphere

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Sat Apr 21 05:14:20 EST 2012

Bob Fischer [robert.p.fischer-1 at nasa.gov] kirjoitti: 
> > Another trick is to project it to a single
> > standard projection which works all over the world and then
> > do the plane calculations if they are too hard to be done on the
> > sphere.
> Unfortunately, there is no such thing.  Every projection has areas of 
> the sphere where it fails miserably.  Not just places of high distortion 
> (eg, Mercator near the poles), but also places where points that are 
> close to each other on the globe end up far apart on the projection (eg, 
> Mercator at the International Date Line).

I meant more some projection which can be made to work all over the world
by first setting some initial parameters (for example transverse mercator
projection with some polar switches [axis swapping at poles]) to do some
detail work not to be forced to stay on the sphere (or ellipsoid). But this of
course limits your work to detail level only.

regards: Janne.

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