[Proj] cs2cs: Gauss-Krüger to WGS84

Jose Gonçalves jagoncal at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 18:41:53 EST 2012


 cs2cs +init=/usr/local/share/proj/world:gk4-d +towgs84
> the result is
>  56d30'44.77"E  39d38'19.023"N 0.000

This use of cs2cs is not correct. You must run something like:

cs2cs *string_for_system_1* +to* string_for_system2*

The +towgs84=... is the part of a string that you use to give datum
parameters of that system

> That's far away. Another online example names:
>  cs2cs +init=epsg:31466 +to +init=epsg:4326
> which returns even worse:
>  32d6'20.91"E   46d39'54.638"N 16.676

The EPSG code 31466 is for GK zone 2. Your X coordinate is very large, so
it is more likely that the point is in a different zone, probably 4, which
has a false easting of 4500 km. In that case you get:

echo 4491957.175 5511210.407 | cs2cs +init=epsg:31468 +to +init=epsg:4326
11d53'13.028"E  49d44'14.871"N 48.659

At least this point is in Germany... The datum transformation parameters
used are the following:


José Gonçalves
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