[Proj] cs2cs: Gauss-Krüger to WGS84

Martin Trautmann traut at gmx.de
Sun Dec 9 17:57:03 EST 2012

Hi all,

may I ask for your help about how to use cs2cs.

I got some sample data from southern Germany which (probably) comes in
Gauß-Krüger format.

A single sample point would be
  WGS84: 49.737475,11.88695
  GK:    4491957.175 5511210.407
These values were computed by an online tool.

When I try to convert from GK to WGS84, I guess I have to use:
 cs2cs +init=/usr/local/share/proj/world:gk4-d +towgs84
the result is
 56d30'44.77"E	39d38'19.023"N 0.000

That's far away. Another online example names:
 cs2cs +init=epsg:31466 +to +init=epsg:4326

which returns even worse:
 32d6'20.91"E	46d39'54.638"N 16.676

I guess what I do is completely wrong. But I do not find the description
yet how to do it properly.

Please help,

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