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No, it is not possible to generate a correct global map using PROJ or any other application using the Polyhedric (Polyeder) projection.  It's an Aphylactic projection; not conformal, not azimuthal, not equal-area/authalic.  It IS easy to cast graphically from simple projection tables, which is why Aphylactics were popular in the 19th century by Topographers using plane tables and alidades in the field.  (Same goes for the Cassini-Soldner and the Polyconic.)

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Hi all,

I'm working with a large bunch of maps of Indonesia, dating from the Dutch colonial period (1850-1946). Quite a few are in the so-called "polyhedral" projection, a simple projection that fits the globe locally for each separate map sheet. Works fine for a few sheets, but for larger surfaces it is impossible to generate a fitting map. Has anyone worked with this projection? Is it possible to generate a correct global map using proj?


See this passage in Snyder's book:

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