[Proj] Undefined subroutine &Proj::proj_init called

Martin Moore martin.moore at avbrief.com
Mon Jan 30 10:22:04 EST 2012

Hi, I've got a pretty basic problem on a new Debian Squeeze server that has
been narrowed down to:


strace perl -e 'use PDL::GIS::Proj; my $pj = Proj::proj_init();'  // also
used Proj::proj_init_plus() with the same results


The only Proj.pm on the system is /usr/lib/perl5/PDL/GIS/Proj.pm and it
doesn't appear to have a proj_init<_plus> function.


Stacktrace is at http://pastebin.com/kPkwt6nj


Any ideas how to get this running appreciated.



As an aside, I needed to sudo ln -s /usr/lib/perl5/PDL/Core.pm
/usr/lib/perl5/PDL::Core to get this recognized.  






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