[Proj] Help w/Timbalai 1948

Clifford J Mugnier cjmce at lsu.edu
Thu Jul 26 12:24:05 EST 2012

I get:
X = 84,796.894 chains
Y = 44,985.080 chains
γ = +0° 25' 37.0"
m = 1.0009228

(My results are independant of EPSG parameters - they are directly from Brigadier Hotine's projection tables at the DOS.)

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In the course of testing our software I came up with a conflict between our result
and Blue Marble for the following point. I wonder if some kind person might check
this on their end and tell me what the number is that they get.

   Timbalai 1948 / RSO Borneo (Sears Ft)
   Everest 1830 (1967 Definition)
   EPSG: 29872

   Lat:     4.175
   Long:  114.400

I'm just a tester...but can ask the right people if you have any questions.


Robert McFaul
Dynamic Graphics, Inc.
robert at dgi.com

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