[Proj] [patch] add missing projects.h

Heiko Klein Heiko.Klein at met.no
Wed Mar 28 03:54:20 EST 2012

Hi Frank,

I agree that 11 years of deprecation are more than enough, but 
deprecation usually means that the functionality is available elsewhere. 
 From projects.h, e.g. pj_factors, is still not available through proj_api.h

What should I do with those functions which don't have an equivalent in 


On 2012-03-27 02:29, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Right, for several versions proj_api.h has been preferred to use
> of projects.h.
> The proj_api.h has existed for several versions; however, if you go
> back far enough there would be problems.  Checking back I see it
> was introduced 11 years ago.  I'm not exactly sure what version that
> would be but surely it is long enough for the deprecation of projects.h
> to finally result in it being removed from public installs.

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