[Proj] GeographicLib geoid calculations

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Fri Oct 19 07:36:35 EST 2012


is there any experience about how this DTU10 is accepted by people and how
wide its usage is? I am assuming that most people think that what is printed
on the mountain elevation signs must be the truth. - The question is what is
the surface that is most accepted as any local MSL? (geoid or DTU10 or
some other MSS model)?



"Noel Zinn (cc)" [ndzinn at comcast.net] kirjoitti: 
> Regarding Charles Karney's point (1) below, there are Mean Sea Surface 
> models available.  DTU10 is a recent MSS from Denmark.  Follow the link 
> below to research/download:
> http://www.space.dtu.dk/English/Research/Scientific_data_and_models/Global_Mean_sea_surface.aspx
> The difference between the (level) geoid and the (non-level) MSS is Dynamic 
> Ocean Topography (DOT).

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