[Proj] [ANN] Pytroll workshop in late November

Martin Raspaud martin.raspaud at smhi.se
Wed Sep 19 13:40:20 EST 2012

Dear all,

After the interest expressed earlier this year, we are glad to announce
that SMHI will host a pytroll workshop.

The pytroll project is a collaboration on weather satellite data
processing between DMI and SMHI. Its objective is provide different free
and open source python modules for the reading, interpretation, and
writing of weather satellite data. The provided python packages are
designed to be used both in R&D environments and in 24/7 operational
production. => http://www.pytroll.org

The datum of the workshop is fixed to week 48, that is the 26th to the
30th of November, and it will take place in Norrköping, Sweden at SMHI's

The proposed schedule would be as follows:
- Monday: Introduction of pytroll and its different parts, demos
(including your demos if you have something to show!), installation of
pytroll on your computers.
- Tuesday/Wednesday: work on setting up a customized production chain,
and/or dig directly into deeper subjects, depending on your needs/desires
- Thursday/Friday: Going deeper into pytroll, with
contributions on underdeveloped parts like custom data readers,
enhancements to pyorbital, contribution to the metadata database and
messaging concepts.

As you can see, the schedule is designed so that the immersion will be
deeper as the time passes, this way you can choose exactly when you want
to arrive and leave.

We will most likely do pair programming when we start working on the
computers, so don't worry too much about your python skills, it'll be

So we need some feedback on who plans on coming and for how long... It
would also be nice if you could tell us what your interests are in this
workshop, so that we can prepare a bit better.

Best regards,

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