[Proj] Proj4 Projection Coordinates for Geostationary satellite data

support.mn at elisanet.fi support.mn at elisanet.fi
Wed Aug 14 02:56:05 EST 2013

Hello Kathryn,

Kathryn Jablonski - NOAA Affiliate [kathryn.jablonski at noaa.gov] kirjoitti: 
> Thanks Janne.
> If you do discard the values in the light red, that is fine but it is throwing an
> exception instead, preventing us from proceeding forward.

can't you just use some

1)  "try - catch" mechanism to handle exceptions ..

or if not possible then

2) go directly to proj.4 source code and examine what is throwing that
exception .. then write some if clause before it to catch it an other way



The source code of Proj.4 projections is rather small and not very
hard to understand.

regards: Janne.

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