[Proj] Proj4 Projection Coordinates for Geostationary satellite data

support.mn at elisanet.fi support.mn at elisanet.fi
Wed Aug 14 03:17:45 EST 2013

Hello again,

Kathryn Jablonski - NOAA Affiliate [kathryn.jablonski at noaa.gov] kirjoitti: 
> Thanks Janne.
> very large (2.14 E9) and these are the values that throw the error.  If you
> do discard the values in the light red, that is fine but it is throwing an
> exception instead, preventing us from proceeding forward.

actually what we do is that we check that the proj.4 library is not returning
HUGE_VAL for any of coordinates either when calling pj_fwd() or
pj_inv().. and then discard it if so. That seems to be enough to handle
most problem zones..

regards: Janne.

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