[Proj] Virtual File Access

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Fri Jul 26 11:43:24 EST 2013

Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com> writes:

> Suffice it to say that there are other contexts in which deployments of
> PROJ.4 would have been significantly easier and problem free if I could
> just have the data files delivered directly in the .so file, and no need
> for special installation rules, etc.

I can see that.

> If you look at the TIFFClientOpen() call, it includes mechanisms to pass in
> what is essentially a virtual file access api.
>  http://www.libtiff.org/man/TIFFOpen.3t.html

I see - I had not realized that.

> To some extent my introduction of similar capabilities into GDAL, Shapelib,
> and now PROJ.4 mirrors what I saw in libtiff, libpng and libjpeg.

But that's about user data coming from/going to places other than files,
vs. loading issues for things like grid shift.

> I don't recall a concern from anyone else.  If you feel this is a serious
> issue you could request I write this up as an RFC and put it to a vote on
> the metacrs project steering committee.  I'm a bit surprised at the concern
> since in normal situations the introduction of this file indirection won't
> affect PROJ.4 library users.

No, it's certainly not serious enough for me to try to drag this through
a PSC.  My concern is simply an achitectural cleanliness objection, in
that extra mechanisms that arne't necessary are just extra complexity
and sources of potential bugs.  If I'm the only one who has a concern,
you should discount my opinion.
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