[Proj] So close -- Lat / Long to Pennsylvania State Plane North NAD27

Jeremy Boecker jeremy.boecker at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 13:50:02 EST 2013

Thank you, I tried what you said, and what I'm getting as output is as
follows when I run the same batch file:

*       * 0.000
*       * 0.000
2502332.66      416669.38 0.000

I'm thinking my EPSG definitions might be messed up somehow... but I also
tried copying from spatialreference.org, and still I get the same output.
(It seems like the 4326 EPSG is not working... )  Any further ideas? Your
second result is the correct and expected conversion result... not sure why
I'm getting asterisks and zeros for the same command! :/ Thanks again for
your help!!
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