[Proj] [osgeo4w-dev] Using cmake of osgeo projects?

Charles Karney charles.karney at sri.com
Sat Jun 29 09:10:51 EST 2013

On 06/28/2013 06:48 PM, Mateusz Loskot wrote:
> Experiences show, that unless a project core team is willing to switch to
> a new build system, then it is very difficult to keep the additional build
> configuration maintained.

This goes without saying.  I will note that because cmake so obviously
fills an otherwise unmet need, it typically faces little resistance from
developers who have to maintain platforms on multiple cross-platforms.
As far as end users are concerned, there is the requirement to install
cmake on their machine.  However, the process of configuring and
building a package is straightforward (and this may be, depending on the
package, much easier than the alternatives).


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