[Proj] Update of EPSG database to v8.4

Andre Joost andre+joost at nurfuerspam.de
Thu May 15 09:56:26 EST 2014

Am 14.05.2014 12:53, schrieb Even Rouault:

> Regarding PROJ.4 'espg' and PostGIS spatial_ref_sys.sql files, I've also added
> the list of SRS that are GEOCCS (GeoCentric) and COMPD_CS (Compound Horizontal
> + Vertical).
> Please let me know if you see issues.

The GEOCGS will likely cause a lot of confusion. They need three 
coordinates (X/Y/Z), while most GIS software is still in 2D-mode 
(lat/lon or X/Y). As a consequence, inverse projection (or 
on-the-fly-reprojection) is not possible if the third coordinate is 
lost. See 
for an example.

BTW, any chance to get my http://trac.osgeo.org/proj/ticket/235 included?
It is just about datum shift of the Czech Republic bound to East German 
Pulkovo projections, which leads to unwanted datum shifts.

André Joost

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