[Proj] Differences in reprojection between using the cs2cs app and using the api

Adri CS acsantome at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 07:22:51 EST 2015


You're right, Hermann. The codes are different because I made a mistake
when copy/pasting. The correct EPSG codes are the ones I use with the
api: *32723
*for the source and *31983* for the target.

The input coordinates are from the Rodovida dos Tamoios. which falls in the
UTM zone 23 S. Since they're in lat/long format, I just googled *"WGS84 utm
23s" *in Google and found THIS

I'm using *"+init=epsg:32723 +proj=latlong"* beacuse I thought this would
initialize the projPJ var with the SIRGAS 2000 system (ellipsoid and so.)
and then, with the *latlong* string, I would made the system aware that the
input coords will be in the lat/long form.

As you suggest, using *epsg:4326 *for the source system works fine. May I
ask you what has this code of special?


José, so supposing that I got the projection systems right (see Hermann's
answer), should I expect this little differences due to rounding?

Thanks and cheers!
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