[Proj] Missing proj_def.dat in 4.9.1 release

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Tue Sep 8 18:23:46 EST 2015

Le mercredi 09 septembre 2015 00:21:19, Sebastiaan Couwenberg a écrit :
> On 07-09-15 11:40, Even Rouault wrote:
> > And I've added also additional fixes : proj_def.dat was also missing in
> > cmake, and there were also other 4 files in nad/ that weren't in the
> The new files in nad/ in 4.9.2 compared with 4.9.1 are:
>  nad/ntf_r93.gsb
>  nad/ntv1_can.dat
>  nad/null.lla
>  nad/nzgd2kgrid0005.gsb
>  nad/proj_def.dat
>  nad/testflaky
>  nad/tf_out.dist
> This now duplicates files that are also extracted from the
> proj-datumgrids zipfile.

Must be related to those 2 commits:

The tf_out.dist thing added in EXTRA_DIST was 
(probably fine since needed by make check due to the new testflaky)

What you point here is files bundled in the .tar.gz, so linked to  EXTRA_DIST 
additions. Now I think I understand the reason why I added null.lla 
ntf_r93.gsb nzgd2kgrid0005.gsb ntv1_can.dat to EXTRA_DIST.
Those files are in the .git tree and when you build and do make install from 
git, they are installed in share/proj. But if you did (before 
a4c7892a94667e62d62caa053ac4b51ef790741c) a make dist and rebuilt proj from 
that, they were no longer installed. Which seemed inconsistant (broke the test 
I added in 
But now that they are in the .tar.gz, they are (or their compiled result) is 
now installed in share/proj, which isn't desirable.

The addition of null.lla ntf_r93.gsb nzgd2kgrid0005.gsb ntv1_can.dat to 
pkgdata_DATA is more or less a consequence of that, in an attempt of having 
make distcheck to work.

So I think we should revert a4c7892a94667e62d62caa053ac4b51ef790741c, 
0a7eda807da1e17f60558acebd89a08872b5b6e9 and 
ba3454ec0f9d1d33e165d0ace70f766c8283892e . Sorry for the mess.

(Hum actually I see that nzgd2kgrid0005.gsb is used by src/multistresstest.c, 
so it should in theory be needed in EXTRA_DIST if we'd want to have as feature 
full testing in the .tar.gz as in git. But if we do so, per the above, make && 
make install will install it, which isn't desirable... The revert still seems 
a better option for now.)


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