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Following discussion in https://github.com/OSGeo/proj.4/pull/708, I've initiated a new repo 
to host (heavy) grids :

I've initiated it by just unzipping

The aim is to avoid OSGeo/proj.4 to become too big as we add new grids and have a way to 
better track changes and discuss new addition propositions through pull requests

Looking a bit at things, it seems some cleanup could be possible.

https://github.com/OSGeo/proj.4/tree/master/nad and
https://github.com/OSGeo/projgrids contain a few duplicated files:
* ntf_r93.gsb
* ntv1_can.dat
* nzgd2kgrid0005.gsb
(binary identical in both repo)

And proj.4/tree/master/nad contains null.lla which is the source of the
OSGeo/projgrids/null file (actually projgrids/null is a 'non clean' version of the result of the 
compilation of null.lla, with some garbage in a unused area of the header)

proj.4/nad/Makefile.am also list grid names that are hosted in the grid repo in the install-
data-local rule, so both repo are not currently independant.

So, I guess we could remove from proj.4/nad :
- null.lla
- the compilation rule of .lla files into CTable2 files (null.lla is the only remaining .lla file in 
proj.4 repo) (process-nad2bin Makefile target)
- the install-data-local rule
- ntf_r93.gsb, ntv1_can.dat, nzgd2kgrid0005.gsb

That way both repo would be entirely independant. Packagers would just have to drop the 
content of OSGeo/projgrids in the ${prefix}/share/proj directory.

I've given commit rights to the "proj-4-committers" team.


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