[Proj] Submitting proj.4 to Google OSS Fuzz ?

support at mnspoint.com support at mnspoint.com
Sun May 28 23:34:51 EST 2017


> Are people happy if we submit

basically NO, since Google is what we know! Proj.4 will be used to spy
citizens of different countries without asking them or anybody about it.
But since Proj.4 is free source code there is not much to be done .. but
I would NOT support any submitting by this list! - If they use it ..
what can we do .. but we should not support anything they do since we
know the amount of spying is connected to everything Google does (most
likely without most of the software writers knowing it, since there is a
different department (outside) that then uses those codes and adds the
spying codes).. 

Submit nothing but keep it open! (y) 

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