[Proj] Submitting proj.4 to Google OSS Fuzz ?

Kristian Thy thy at 42.dk
Mon May 29 02:14:14 EST 2017

On Mon, May 29, support at mnspoint.com wrote:
> Hello,
> > QUESTION 1: 
> > 
> > Are people happy if we submit
> basically NO, since Google is what we know! Proj.4 will be used to spy
> citizens of different countries without asking them or anybody about it.
> But since Proj.4 is free source code there is not much to be done .. but
> I would NOT support any submitting by this list! - If they use it ..
> what can we do .. but we should not support anything they do since we
> know the amount of spying is connected to everything Google does (most
> likely without most of the software writers knowing it, since there is a
> different department (outside) that then uses those codes and adds the
> spying codes).. 
> Submit nothing but keep it open! (y) 
> Janne.

Could we cut down on the hyperbole and paranoia here?

I am no fan of Google's general business practices but that does not
mean that their technical contributions and services are without merit.
The OSS Fuzzer does not do commits to Proj.4; code changes are still
under the project's full control.


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