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Kristian Evers kreve at sdfe.dk
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Astrid, Vicky,

Could you please share with the PROJ.4 mailing list what sort of work is expected of the volunteers? We are aware that the PROJ.4 docs need improving, and are actively working on that (albeit slowly). What else do you need for the OSGeo Liv distribution? I am sure it is easier to recruit volunteers if the task on hand is described more clearly.

Best regards,

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Please see below help that seeks volunteers to help maintaining proj.4 documentation in OSGeo-Live.


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Subject: [OSGeo-Live] Proj4 documentation

Date: lundi 29 mai 2017, 23:50:42 CEST

From: Nicolas Roelandt <roelandtn.pro at gmail.com<mailto:roelandtn.pro at gmail.com>>

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Hi Even,

I'm coming to you on behalf of the OSGeo-Live project. We are currently

making a great spring cleaning of the projects included in OSGeo-Live. [1]

We are not enough to maintain all of them and keep the docs up to date too,

so we are downsizing.

Proj4 appeared on our radar since the software is good but the

documentation neglected.

Proj4 is still active since you made a commit a few hours / day ago.

Can you reach to the Proj4 community to help us find 2 peoples who

volunteer to maintain the docs with us ?

Can you relay this mail and ask volunteers to contact Astrid Emde [2] and

Vicky Vergara [3], so we can update our contact list and reach to them ?

As we say : "Work commitment is low, kudos and karma very high :) "

Best regards,

Nicolas Roelandt

OSGeo-Live PSC member

OSGeo-fr member

[1] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Disc_Press_Release_77

[2] astrid_emde at osgeo dot org

[3] vicky at georepublic dot de



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