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Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.com
Wed May 31 18:11:47 EST 2017

Hello all

Le 31/05/2017 à 22:15, Even Rouault a écrit :

> On jeudi 1 juin 2017 05:57:38 CEST Cameron Shorter wrote:
> > Yes, MetaCRS was a project gathering all the Proj4 projects together.
Actually, when the MetaCRS list started, one of its goals was to create
a test suite that could be used by any map projection library. We now
have the Geospatial integrity of geoscience software (GIGS) tests for
such purpose (http://www.iogp.org/Geomatics/#gigs), but a question could
be whether there is interest in making those tests more readily runnable.

> > However, it appears that proj4 is the only project in that grouping
> which is active?
I noticed that some activity happen on Proj4J outside this group, on at
least one fork created by a user on GitHub.

> - spatialreference.org: not maintained in years. http://epsg.io/ would
> be a possible replacement
Why not referencing the only official source instead, which is
http://epsg-registry.org/ ? The non-conform definitions (because of
difference in axis order and units of measurements) contribute to the
confusion. If the intend is to be able to give a direct link to a
specific EPSG code, this can also be done with the official registry
with URL like below:




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