[Proj] What is src/proj.def for?

Dan Crosby dan.crosby at lincolnagritech.co.nz
Wed Nov 8 14:58:32 EST 2017

Hi All,
Yes a module definition file (.def) is one way to define the functions exported from a DLL.
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Hi all,
Maybe a dumb question, but what is src/proj.def for? Is this a MSVC only thing?  It looks like something that controls share lib entry points.  I'm not a Windows dev, so maybe that's why I don't know what it is.
Am I missing some location where it's documented?  The closest I got was:
I've been patching my bazel based build that has this file, but it doesn't seem to be used by anything.
find . -type f | grep -v git | xargs egrep 'proj[.]def'
./ChangeLog:  * src/proj.def: add pj_get_spheroid_defn to proj.def. (#214)
./ChangeLog:  * proj.def: added lots of methods, including some private ones used
./ChangeLog:  * src/pj_pr_list.c, proj.def, proj_api.h: Added the pj_get_def()
./ChangeLog:  * src/proj.def: added pj_strerrno and pj_errno as per request from
./ChangeLog:  * Added proj.def to extra_dist in src/Makefile.am.
./src/lib_proj.cmake:    set(ALL_LIBPROJ_SOURCES ${ALL_LIBPROJ_SOURCES} proj.def )
./src/Makefile.am:EXTRA_DIST = makefile.vc proj.def bin_cct.cmake bin_gie.cmake bin_cs2cs.cmake \
./src/makefile.vc:         link /debug /dll /def:proj.def /out:$(PROJ_DLL) /implib:proj_i.lib \
./wince/msvc80/projce_dll/projce_dll.vcproj:      <Tool Name="VCLinkerTool" AdditionalOptions=" /subsystem:windowsce,4.20 /machine:ARM /ARMPADCODE" AdditionalDependencies="ccrtrtti.lib" OutputFile="$(OutDir)/proj.dll" LinkIncremental="2" AdditionalLibraryDirectories="" ModuleDefinitionFile="..\..\..\src\proj.def" DelayLoadDLLs="$(NOINHERIT)" GenerateDebugInformation="true" ProgramDatabaseFile="$(OutDir)/proj_dll.pdb" SubSystem="0" ImportLibrary="$(OutDir)/proj_i.lib"/>
./wince/msvc80/projce_dll/projce_dll.vcproj:      <Tool Name="VCLinkerTool" AdditionalOptions=" /subsystem:windowsce,4.20 /machine:ARM /ARMPADCODE" OutputFile="$(OutDir)/proj.dll" LinkIncremental="1" ModuleDefinitionFile="..\..\..\src\proj.def" DelayLoadDLLs="$(NOINHERIT)" GenerateDebugInformation="true" ProgramDatabaseFile="$(OutDir)/projce_dll.pdb" SubSystem="0" OptimizeReferences="2" EnableCOMDATFolding="2" ImportLibrary="$(OutDir)/proj_i.lib"/>
./wince/msvc80/projce_dll/projce_dll.vcproj:        <File RelativePath="..\..\..\src\proj.def">
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