[Proj] Time for a new release?

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Fri Nov 10 08:37:26 EST 2017


Please stop your uninformed ranting. If you had followed, even by a tiny bit, the activity of 
the project over the last year, you'd have seen that a ton of great work has been done.

We have repeated  for years that if you don't want new developements or bug fixes, stay 
with old versions. Or make your own fork: you're apparently much smarter and have more 
wisdom than the rest of us, poor brain-less folks.

But worse, you are,- and unfortunately this is not the first time -, publicly insulting qualified 
developers and scientists that are Kristian Evers and Thomas Knudsen. This is not acceptable, 
and we don't want to see this happening again.

Proj.4 as part of the MetaCRS initiative of OSGeo is subject to

Read it carefully, and apply it. Thanks


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