[Proj] Conic projection, but centric (gnomonic)

Lukasz Komsta sp8qed at onet.eu
Fri Nov 10 09:08:29 EST 2017

W dniu 2017-11-08 o 15:17, Kristian Evers pisze:

Hi Kristian

>> 1. Is there a possibility to achieve desired projection using PROJ4 ?
> You can probably answer this better than anyone else, and it would seem you have concluded that it can't.

To be honest, my experience with PROJ4 and GIS is only basic. I have
browsed all documented projections and did not find such one, but I
asked here to be sure because maybe there is some hack in style "setting
projection xx with parameters yy will give the same results" and so on.

>> 2. If not, are there any possibility to implement such a functionality in the future to allow GIS users using this grid?
> You are welcome to submit a pull request on GitHub [0] with the necessary code additions and documentation. If you need help getting started please let us know.

Thank you, I will look at it and start to work.

With best regards


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