[Proj] Time for a new release?

Howard Butler howard at hobu.co
Fri Nov 10 09:47:45 EST 2017

On Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 7:42 AM, Kristian Evers <kreve at sdfe.dk> wrote:
> RC1 December 15 is fine with me. Feature freeze between RC1 and final release?

Feature freeze before RC1. Cut a beta now if you'd like. RC1 should be
intended for packagers to preflight the software through their
packaging systems and identify any significant issues that warrant a
new release.

>  Howard, are you proposing we change the name of the project to PROJ.5?

Let's go for it. I think the project's name is still PROJ, and this
will just be version 5 :)

More seriously, I think any distinction between PROJ.4/Proj.4 and PROJ
is moot at this point, and my objections to incrementing the major
version don't have much meaning. The geodetic support in the upcoming
PROJ.5 release will be quite compelling. We need a way to easily
market that as something new with the added forgiveness that a new
version number might cause users to afford us. It will also allow
people to stick with 4.x easily if they need to for whatever reason.

Also, congratulations again on the effort.


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