[Proj] PROJ 5.0.0RC6

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Tue Feb 27 09:11:11 EST 2018

Kristian Evers <kreve at sdfe.dk> writes:

> Thanks for you feedback, Greg. It is very appreciated.
> I think Bas has commented on most issues already so I'll skip that. I have updated
> the NEWS and README files to take your comments into account:
> https://github.com/OSGeo/proj.4/pull/828
> Let me know if I've missed something or described things in an unclear way.

Thanks - that almost entirely addresses things.

A further comment, and I don't mean to suggest that the release be held

The text talks about how the regional ones are not essential but could
be useful.  That seems fair.  But, as a user, how do I find out what is
in them, or what I need, other than by downloading them and inspecting

As a packager, what should I do?  For now, I will include the main file
in the package, following tradition, and not worry about the new ones.
I am guessing that this means the grids for the important datums are
still in the main file, even if they are a North American Datum, and the
north-america file contains only more obscure datums that were not
previously available.  I originally had the impression that all North
American grids were demoted from the main file to the regional file.

I updated my draft 5.0.0 package to use proj-datumgrids-1.7RC2, and I
see that this added two files compared to 1.5 (which I should have
updated but didn't), and did not withdraw any.

So I have convinced myself that using the main file for the package, and
deferring thinking about the new files is a good approach.

So it might help to add

  All grids that were in proj-datumgrids-1.6 remain in
  proj-datumgrids-1.7; the regional datumgrid files contain grids for
  datums not previously supported.

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