[Proj] PROJ 5.0.0RC6

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Tue Feb 27 09:14:58 EST 2018

Sebastiaan Couwenberg <sebastic at xs4all.nl> writes:

> The grids in proj-datumgrid are used in the proj testsuite, hence
> unpacking the content of that archive into the nad/ directory of the
> proj source as packagers have done for many years is still highly
> recommended.
> The grids from proj-datumgrid are optional for the proj build, though.
> Since proj 4.9 the build system was updated to no longer fail if the
> grids are not present, allowing the grids to be unpackaged into
> /usr/share/proj after installation (using a separate package for example).

Thanks.  Given that proj with proj-datumgrids is 7 MB installed, I am
not inclined to try to split it (especially since the tests need thme)
unless somebody complains.

>> I am left unclear on which of the following I should package and how.
>> Judging by timestamps, it looks like all 4 are appropriate for a
>> world-wide distribution, and I would guess that 1.7 includes other than
>> EU/NA/Oceania.  But, I don't get why the others aren't also 1.7 if they
>> go together.
>> proj-datumgrid-1.7RC2
> You should at least include this as its the successor of the previous
> proj-datumgrid-1.5 & 1.6 releases, which packagers have included in proj
> for many years.

Thanks, and done in my draft 5.0.0 package.

>> proj-datumgrid-europe-1.0RC1
>> proj-datumgrid-northamerica-1.0RC1
>> proj-datumgrid-oceania-1.0RC1
> There are optional. Ideally they are packaged separately to allow users
> in those regions to easily install those grids.
> Personally I'm not going to package those releases for Debian until
> users actually request packages for those.

Now that I understand that they are new bits not previously offered, and
not a reorganization of the existing bits into regions, I agree with
your approach and will follow it also.
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