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we would also like to see MS Windows tests (Visual Studio etc.) !? 

Targets to the person who ever created the new versions. 



Kurt Schwehr kirjoitti 2018-03-07 19:33:

> Hi all, 
> In case anyone is interested, I've just pushed my first set of tests for proj to my GDAL autotest2 "third_party" trees.  Nothing super exciting, but this is some of the stuff I count on for CI. 
> Python subprocess minimally testing cs2cs: 
> https://github.com/schwehr/gdal-autotest2/tree/master/python/third_party/proj 
> C++ gunit tests - not well thought out and very little coverage: 
> https://github.com/schwehr/gdal-autotest2/tree/master/cpp/third_party/proj 
> I have yet to wrap existing proj tests to a gunit/python unittest/bazel world.  Any chance someone could point me at more docs about the testing strategy for proj 5 and going forward?  There isn't much here: http://proj4.org/contributing.html 
> I see these, but which are the most important going forward?  It appears that porting the gie infrastructure with the gigs test cases is probably the best place to start.  Does that make sense? 
> Are binaries like cs2cs tested anywhere?  I can't seem to find anything. 
> ls test 
> CMakeLists.txt  Makefile.am     fuzzers         gie             gigs 
> ls cmake | grep -i test 
> Proj4Test.cmake 
> cd src; ls | egrep -i 'gie|test' 
> bin_geodtest.cmake 
> bin_gie.cmake 
> geodtest.c 
> gie.c 
> multistresstest.c 
> runmultistresstest.sh 
> test228.c 
> -kurt 
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