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Kristian Evers kreve at sdfe.dk
Sun Mar 25 10:00:49 EST 2018

Hi Andrew,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. It is definitely not expected. I suspect there’s some
issues with PROJ not finding either proj_def.dat, grid-files or a combination of both.
It is hard to tell exactly without some output from the tests. A few pointers in the general
right direction:

Normally various resource files are installed into /usr/local/share/proj or alternatively
into PROJ_LIB if specified during install. Check that proj_def.dat is to be found in
one of those places. It could be that if you are running the tests without having installed
PROJ previously that it doesn’t pick up the resource files. If that is the case it is a bug
that needs fixing.
Grid files are installed to the same directory as above. The test suite should ignore missing
grids, but in case it isn’t try unzipp the grids from
 http://download.osgeo.org/proj/proj-datumgrid-1.7.zip into /usr/local/share/proj or PROJ_LIB.

We still need a proper installation guide in the documentation so this sort of thing can be
simpler to figure out. For now the best start is probably the Travis setup script:

From that I think you should be able to figure most things out by yourself.


On 22 Mar 2018, at 22:44, andrew.bell.ia at gmail.com<mailto:andrew.bell.ia at gmail.com> wrote:


I build and tried running 5.0 tests on OSX with ctest. Many failed. Is this
expected? Do I need to download other data or do some configuration to get
the tests to pass?


-- Andrew Bell
andrew.bell.ia at gmail.com<mailto:andrew.bell.ia at gmail.com>

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