[Proj] [gdal-dev] Coordinate system improvements - GDAL, libgeotiff, PROJ barn raising

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.com
Tue May 15 11:33:35 EST 2018

Hello Even

Is there already a plan for the testing parts? I may be interested to
participate on the creation of a test suite. The Open Geospatial
Consortium (OGC) has a GeoAPI project which already provides some
implementation-independent tests (through a standard API) for WKT 2,
EPSG and GIGS (some examples below). Those tests are run for a few years
by Apache SIS. They are in Java, but Proj.4 is already able to execute
some of them through the JNI wrappers. In addition, Python bindings are
in progress.

Of course Proj will have its own tests in C. The GeoAPI tests would be a
complement. An advantage of GeoAPI tests would be that, by running the
same set of tests on different implementations, we increase (I think)
the confidence that the WKT 2 or EPSG codes are really interpreted in
the same way by those different implementations.

Some example of tests:



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