[Proj] [gdal-dev] Coordinate system improvements - GDAL, libgeotiff, PROJ barn raising

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Tue May 15 12:42:10 EST 2018

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the pointers and interest. I'm certainly interested in seing solid testing and 

> Is there already a plan for the testing parts?

Not yet, but there will be definitely tests.

> I may be interested to
> participate on the creation of a test suite. The Open Geospatial
> Consortium (OGC) has a GeoAPI project which already provides some
> implementation-independent tests (through a standard API) for WKT 2,
> EPSG and GIGS (some examples below). 

Where is GIGS described ? I couldn't find much online documentation. I do see proj has now a 
test/gigs directory with tests converted to the .gie format, but I couldn't find the source 

> Those tests are run for a few years
> by Apache SIS. They are in Java, but Proj.4 is already able to execute
> some of them through the JNI wrappers. In addition, Python bindings are
> in progress.

Python bindings over what ?

> Of course Proj will have its own tests in C. The GeoAPI tests would be a
> complement. An advantage of GeoAPI tests would be that, by running the
> same set of tests on different implementations, we increase (I think)
> the confidence that the WKT 2 or EPSG codes are really interpreted in
> the same way by those different implementations.

I guess the GeoAPI tests would be needed to be ported/adapted to whatever solution is 
adopted for proj testing. I don't really feel like using the proj JNI wrapper through Apache SIS 
would be an ideal solution : too many components aggegated, and I'm not sure if JNI wrapper 
will have all the new capabilities exposed.


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