[Proj] [gdal-dev] Coordinate system improvements - GDAL, libgeotiff, PROJ barn raising

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.com
Tue May 15 15:34:19 EST 2018

Le 15/05/2018 à 20:02, Kristian Evers a écrit :
> Unfortunately the test datasets comes in unstructured spreadsheets…
> Micah Cochran did a tremendous job of translating
> that JSON for use with pyproj which I then a year or so later
> converted to the gie format.

For information, some of those tests were already converted in a more
structured format there:


The related GeoAPI tests are basically GIGS tests converted to JUnit

> There are still a number of tests that we can’t reliable pass in PROJ.
> I believe some, if not all, of them will be taken care
> of during the work you have now committed to.

The GIGS test files have some errors, in part due to insufficient number
of digits in some values, in part because of the use of some EPSG codes
that are now deprecated. Some CRS or operations names have also changed
since GIGS has been published. Changes required for getting the test to
pass are documented here:


This is unfinished work we started 6 years ago; we did not had the
resources to continue that work during the last few years.


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