[Proj] Use of SQLite

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Mon May 21 13:54:00 EST 2018

On lundi 21 mai 2018 11:35:07 CEST Kurt Schwehr wrote:
> Sorry I haven't chimed in sooner.  Going with SQLite is certainly fine for
> my particular env.  Here is what I would like if at all possible:
> * The option to have just one copy of the database per binary.  So shared
> across PROJ through GDAL and PostGIS

PostGIS will still have to keep its spatial_ref_sys table since this is something required by the 
SF-SQL standard.

> * Be able to compile in the database within the binary and use if from
> memory
> My env is typically statically linked binaries with one binary per
> container and no local disk.  I currently have an C data block with the
> data that I write to vsimem and read from there.  My solution uses some
> non-public code.  An SQLite in-memory database that the entire community
> could use (if selected at build time) would be nicer.   I'm sure other
> folks would appreciate the option to not need extra files.

Would you been interested in contributing code to make that possible in proj ? (once classic 
file based approach has been added)

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