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On mardi 22 mai 2018 10:36:37 CEST Martin Desruisseaux wrote:
> Le 22/05/2018 à 10:12, Kristian Evers a écrit :
> > I may be missing the obvious here, but how is redistributing the
> > (reformatted) EPSG dataset as a sqlite database different from the
> > current situation where we redistribute the same information
> > reformatted as a text file?
> I'm not a lawyer, but I think that the current situation does not comply
> with EPSG terms of use. Just reformatting a dataset in another format is
> /"derivative work"/ - it does not free us from the copyrights that apply
> on the original work. Taking a subset and reformatting is allowed by
> §6v, but only/"provided that numeric equivalence is achieved"/ (§6vi).
> This later condition is broken by changes in axis order and units of
> measurement. Other conditions that we need to comply to are §6iv
> (/"Ownership of the EPSG Dataset by IOGP must be acknowledged in any
> publication or transmission"/) and §6i (/"You are obliged to inform
> anyone to whom you provide the EPSG Facilities of these Terms of Use."/).


For the particular case you mention, the considerations about axis order and units of 
measurement are not linked to the *data* redistributed being 'corrupted', but to *software* 
implementation choices of how use it. 

Currently the EPSG derived csv files of GDAL properly capture the axis order. And the 
conversion of units for prime meridian to degree fall under the last line (line 9, Parameter 
value) of Table 1 at http://www.epsg.org/Termsofuse.aspx

The EPSG terms of use are only about the data. As raised by Howard, nothing will prevent 
software to do "bad" implementation choices (at least, fortunately, the EPSG terms of use do 
not try to extend to that point).


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