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there are very many platforms at the lower level MCU's which mainly use
standard c and avoid using c++ ... just to keep it simple and easy! - I
don't want to start listing them here ... they are just too many .. all
MCU's usually have assembler or c programming environment but seldom c++
is used or either easy available. 

Transition to c++ would just add problems later! I have been programming
c++ since 1995 and I still find it as a rather stupid platform that just
adds problems - to switch back to lower level if required for example -
At the moment I would rather hang the guy who invented the whole problem
(c++) at the first place! All it usually does, it makes programs harder
to follow and read and especially to port to lower level targets ..
which is often required and desired in real World projects. 



Kurt Schwehr kirjoitti 2018-05-24 08:04:

> Janne, 
> Can you give specific examples of these platforms that only support C that you think PROJ should be supporting? 
> On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 9:51 PM, <support at mnspoint.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I think that if you want to keep proj. downwards compatible with C (and 
>> C++) then you should keep it standard C. If you use c++ in the library 
>> NOT any "just C" compiler can ever compile it. So as proj. is so small 
>> library I would keep it standard c since nobody really cares if it is c 
>> or c++ - and anybody can write it to c++ or whatever in very small time 
>> - that is not a problem.
>> So to be able to use proj. in as many targets as possible, also in 
>> smaller devices like hand held devices or so ... I would strongly 
>> recommend to keep it standard c for ever! - But when that is now said 
>> ... they most likely do everything else but what is wanted!? haha! (y)
>> Janne.
>> -------------------------------
>> Even Rouault kirjoitti 2018-05-23 13:25:
>>> Hi,
>>> As announced previously, and given that the SQLite related thread has 
>>> calmed
>>> down (except license related discussions that aren't directly related 
>>> to it),
>>> this is the second potentially controversial topic I wanted to discuss. 
>>> .....
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