[rosa-users] Remeber last selected button

Frank Koormann
Thu, 7 Nov 2002 11:19:55 +0100

* Stefan Wiegand <> [021107 11:12]:
>    Hi rosa users,
>    I have installed the rosa applet with a mapserver cgi producing PNGs and
>    it works great. But now I want to remember the last selected button via
>    javascript (similar to setpixelsize). I define a hidden variable <input
>    type="hidden" name="lastButtonSelected" value=""> and set it via
>    TB_BUT_?_JSACTION with zoomin, zoomout, pan .... Now I want to change
>    <param name="TB_SELECTED_BUTTON" value="zoomin"> via javascript.
>    And that is the problem.

Shouldn'i it be sufficient to put a 

<param name="TB_SELECTED_BUTTON" value=[lastButtonSelected]>

in your HTML-Template?



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