[rosa-users] rosa and mapserver queries.

Debbie Pagurek
Tue, 19 Nov 2002 14:11:43 -0500
Hi all, 
I am a bit confused about mapserver queries and rosa applet.  I have one application that works perfectly using the js_action part of rosa.  It pops open a new window with query results and then I form a new URL to then go back to the opener window and "refresh" the map with a highlighted polygon.  

I am working on another application now and I don't really want to have to use js_action... it works when I use the mapserver mode=query but not mode=nquery.  My map file contains a new url  (an ftp url, so a download dialog appears on a query) that should open when a polygon is queried.  This is working with mode=query, but then when I go back to the original page, and try to zoom in or whatever, it doesn't work because the mode is still on query, even though I've selected the zoom in button.  the error is:mapserv(): Web application error. Query mode needs a point, imgxy and mapxy are not set.

I hope i've explained this well... maybe someone can give me some examples of how they've done queries without using JS_ACTION?

D. Pagurek

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