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Has anybody compared the rosa applet with Mapplet/jBox?

If so, is there any difference in the reliability, in particular with
different browsers and O/S?


Tim Mackey 
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Hello Mappers,

The Java client that was previously named "Mapplet" is now called "jBox" 
and replaces Mapplet on the User Contributed Utilities page:

Mapplet was a Java applet that allowed the user to drag a box across a map 
for zooming or attribute data queries. Mapplet also provided a function for 
real time cursor coordinate tracking, and for image swapping. Image 
swapping allows the applet to update the map image without having to reload 
the whole page.

jBox includes the functionality of Mapplet and adds two more functions: 1. 
Image dragging for use in conjunction with panning. 2. Line drawing to be 
used in conjunction with distance scaling in a manner similar to the 
distance or ruler tools in ArcView and MapInfo. Area calculations will be 
added to the line drawing function in the near future. There is also a 
version of jBox that works with PNG imgages.

Documentation is in the HOWTO section of the documentation page:
The drag /pan function is not documented yet.

A working example of jBox is at:

jBox works reliably with Netscape 4.x on Windows and Linux, and IE 5+ (and 
maybe earlier) on Windows. It is not entirely stable on Mozilla 1.x (which 
really bums me out, and I'd love some help from any Java applet wizards out 
there). jBox does not work with IE on the Mac (and probably never will). I 
don't know about Netscape or Mozilla on the Mac.

Best regards,

Richard W. Greenwood, PLS
Greenwood Mapping, Inc.
Rich <at> GreenwoodMap <dot> com
(307) 733-0203 

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