[rosa-users] compilation trouble

Frank Koormann
Fri, 12 Sep 2003 09:23:33 +0200

* <> [030912 01:16]:
> hi the list
> I am new to java and try to figure out why things work or don't.
> I downloaded the source of Rosa2000, compile it "as it" and put the
> resulting rosa.jar on my local server.  When I test my application
> locally everything is doing fine but if I put the rosa.jar on a remote
> server, then I can still have the rosa working on my computer but not
> from another computer.
> Any idea where this could come from ?

The execution of the rosa applet (any java applet in general) is not
dependend on the server. Maybe the other client you tested with doesn't 
have any or not the right java runtime environment version installed.



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