[rosa-users] Re: [rosa-users] compilation trouble
Fri, 12 Sep 2003 17:53:47 +0200
I solved a bit of my problems, see below.

first, some answers to the last questions:
---Are you trying to load the applet using a URL ?
I am not sure, I use the applet just as in the gmap demo

---Do you get a security execpetion ?
sometimes, but that's not the main error in the java console;
anyway, when I just use the basic rosa tools, I don't get
any errors
in the console, I've got some errors when using my new tools 
(digitizing lines and polygons). 
 They are actually working, but the console returns a lot of
and sometimes they are working but an error occurs and the
image with the java tools displays, but the java buttons are
they don't react anymore, and I have to reload the 
whole page to have them working again . ? . ?
I think my new tools are not completly ok, I'll see that.
I'll aslo look at the java.policy config but I don't think
the problem
is coming from there.

But my first question was about troubles with me being able to
have my applet working from a remote server, and not
somebody else,
or some people yes and some, no.
As I read the list, I figure out that the problem was on the
VM, as
so many of the list's went into troubles with it (or them).
I made tests with IE_5.00 and Mozilla_1.4.
Mozilla works pretty well with the "enable java" checked in 
With IE, it seems that the basic rosa from the gmap demo as well
as my updated-recompiled rosa don't work if the line
"use Java 2 v1.4.2_01 for applet" 
is not checked in the "internet properties" window from the
"control panel" (yes windows...).
So now, I can tell my beta-tester-friends to download the java
plugin from sun, make sure the "Java(sun)" is checked in their
internet-properties, and they must be able to display my new
rosa.  I've got 1 return, it seems working.

Sorry for all this verbose, but being quite new to java, I still
have to figure out a lot of things.

To go on on the VM subject, I could ask a few questions :
- can anybody run the rosa with micro$oft VM ?  (I can't).
- does it depend on the version of IE  (I have 5.0)
- if it is known that some VM are not working with a specific
  VM, could it be put in the doc; a kind of table with yes or 
  no for each browser, (each version), each VM, and each OS
? ? ?

Thanks for the help, I'm sure I'll need you soon again...
If you want to have a look on my implemented rosa, go to :
(this file won't stay here for a long time, it's just a test)
On this demo, you can add new shapes on each layers, see the
pages at:      link "help"
to know how to switch to the update mode.
Line and polygon html editing tools are more powerfull as they
enable to move,add,delete vertex.  I want these functions
in java.  For now, I just did the add and delete line/poly
in java.
Tell me how it works at your place, I'ld like to know.
As I said before, I think my add line and add poly java
tools are
not yet bug free, giving sometimes an "General exception
error" or
Keep in mind this is NOT a multi user application (yet).  Then,
some databases crashes might occur if plenty of you are updating
the same layer at the same time, but don't hesitate... There is
a database integrity check that is made at each first page hit
that should warn you if everything is not ok.



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