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[030912 01:16]:

>> hi the list
>> I am new to java and try to figure out why things work or
>> I downloaded the source of Rosa2000, compile it "as it"
and put the
>> resulting rosa.jar on my local server.  When I test my
>> locally everything is doing fine but if I put the
rosa.jar on a remote
>> server, then I can still have the rosa working on my
computer but not
>> from another computer.
>> Any idea where this could come from ?

The execution of the rosa applet (any java applet in
general) is not
dependend on the server. Maybe the other client you tested
with doesn't 
have any or not the right java runtime environment version



-- Frank Koormann <>
Professional Service around Free Software
( FreeGIS Project 

Yes, I've been reading the whole rosa list and a bit more
documentation about applet and Java, and it seems, as you
say, that
things work or don't depending on the Java Runtime Environment.
I'm going to see how I can switch from one environment to
another one in my brosers.
  As far as i have understood, there are two main JRE : one
from sun and another one from Micro$oft.  Are there other
ones ?  Which one is best suited to work with Rosa ?
  I am going to try to see which JRE is working well, I'll
tell you.
I thought I undestood that java was very nice because of its
os independance, but well, if it is jre dependant, it still
makes a lot of mistake to debug on the client side.

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